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Timelapse cloudscapes

Tracking the way the clouds move helps scientists improve their models of the electromagnetic regions of space that can damage satellites and disrupt communications systems

Land/city/sea Scapes


A mesmerizing pattern of clouds surrounding southern Greenland was spotted by a NASA satellite in orbit around Earth.

 Karman Vortices — Each of these swirling clouds is a result of a meteorological phenomenon known as a Karman vortex. These vortices appeared over Alexander Selkirk Island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Rising precipitously from the surrounding waters, the island’s highest point is nearly a mile (1.6 km) above sea level. As wind-driven clouds encounter this obstacle, they flow around it to form these large, spinning eddies. Image courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office.

Sverrir Thorolfsson

upset sky stomach by beetabonk 

Crest of a Knave by Francesco Calvetti

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